Advertising effectiveness
Understand the effectiveness of advertising
and calculate the impact of every activity.

With an increasingly complicated mix of advertising spend and many influencing factors, including competitor activity, seasonality, pricing  you need a robust methodology that isolates the impact of each influence and correctly attributes the sales driven by your advertising. Using advanced econometric modelling, we layer up the detail to highlight the effectiveness of each media channel and the various creatives, even drilling down to see which messages have generated the biggest impact. And, by building in diminishing returns we can accurately calculate your advertising effectiveness and help you plan more effectively too.

Use scenario planning to optimise budgets
and forecast the impact of advertising strategies.

With a detailed understanding of how and why your advertising has performed, we’ll show you how econometric modelling provides the building blocks to accurately forecast the impact of your brand plans, simulate new advertising strategies and optimise your advertising investment.

Identify which brands and regions respond best
and reveal the full picture for a group-wide view.

By understanding the impact across the wider business, we can accurately calculate which brands respond best to your advertising, helping you determine, at a group-level, which products and which regions would make most effective use of your advertising investment.

Measure performance in real-time
utilising software to aggregate data and assess the full mix of media.

More consumers, more media channels, more products, more competition, more data, calculating advertising effectiveness has become more complex, and traditional static econometric modelling is no longer relevant. We combine the many streams of live data with our advanced modelling tools, empowering you with real-time scenario planning and live forecasts, based on your most up-to-date data.

Empower your team with live modelling
and maximise the impact of all advertising.

Our econometric models hold the answers to any number of advertising related questions. With access to live data, your team can explore scenarios and self-serve the answers to their own specific questions, empowering them to deepen their understanding, elevate conversations and improve advertising effectiveness.

'On average, our projects improve ROI by 10-20%. Better performing budgets can make cash available to invest in new ideas, keeping your marketing relevant as the world changes.'
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