More Effective Promotions
Calculate the impact
of influencing factors
including competitor activity, retailer switching & cupboard stocking.

There are many factors outside of your control impacting the effectiveness of your promotions. Our methodology will help you understand each of these factors in great detail, including the influence of competitor promotions. This understanding is essential for the optimisation of your sales and growing the category as a whole.

Understand the effectiveness of promotions
and discover how to build cannibalisation into your promotional calendar.

Many brands have reached the point where 80-85%, even 90% of sales are on-deal  with all of them vying for attention, enticing consumers and stealing each other’s sales. Amongst this promotional clutter, understanding the effect of cannibalisation is absolutely key to accurately calculating promotion performance. Whether it’s competitor brands, supermarket own brands, or even SKUs from within your own brand portfolio,  you need a robust methodology that factors in the true impact of cannibalisation and highlights where it’s most severe, enabling you to effectively plan your promotional activities to maximise your RSV and profit.

Generate greater uplift through better promotions
by understanding and optimising price and display.

Using sophisticated modelling we overlay all of the characteristics and influencing factors of a promotion and accurately calculate their relative impact on sales. With this understanding we’ll explore scenarios that will help you move away from deep discounting and understand the influence of gondola-ends.

Regain control of promotional spend
and show retailers a more mutually beneficial plan.

Many brands have reached a point of promotional saturation. At the same time retailers are pulling away from high-low. By building strong evidence, we can help you work with retailers to develop mutually beneficial strategies that make more effective use of promotions, with fewer weeks on deal, growing the category and generating greater returns for both brand and retailer.

Forecast with real-time scenario planning
and put your data into action with industry leading software

Using the very best tools, we’ll elevate how your whole team plan promotions. Whether it’s data visualisation, reviewing past performance, planning an individual promotion, or building a category level promotion plan, we’ll give you the tools you need to grow everything from volume and RSV to NSV and profit.

To develop a promotional plan that works for both you and retailer, you need to first have a comprehensive understanding of how your pomotions work
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