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and evaluate advertising effectiveness.

From its earliest days in the 1980s, Marketing Mix Modelling (MMM) has changed beyond all recognition.  It has evolved from a simpler world with few advertising channels to one with a dizzying array of touchpoints, supporting an ever-growing range of products, propositions and offers. To help you navigate this complexity we have developed tailored training courses to provide you with a deeper understanding of MMM, and to give you the tools and techniques needed to quantifiably enhance your advertising effectiveness.

Robust marketing
with bespoke training.

Our training programme offers practical insights for navigating the complexities of modern marketing. You will learn about MMM’s evolution, from its offline roots to digital relevance; how to disentangle advertising impact from external factors; and gain proficiency in measuring demand creation and harvesting with robust analysis. Ultimately, you’ll be able to calculate the ROI for all your ad channels, enhancing your forecasting and brand planning.

Structure of
our courses
cover the following areas:
  • Introduction: A background to MMM today, how it differs from and enhances attribution
  • Data choice: How to ask the right questions to obtain the data you need
  • Build a Model: Including a live example of building a model from scratch
  • Model Interpretation: How to know when a model is finished and how to check for robustness
  • Optimise investment: An overview of what MMM can optimise and how to work around any limitations
  • Forecasting: Scenario planning and keeping models up to date – including how to forecast from an MMM model.

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Our courses are
for everyone
who wants to enhance their knowledge.

Our courses are beneficial for everyone involved in marketing planning and analysis, from data specialists to advertising managers, who are seeking deeper insights into how to measure advertising effectiveness, enhance forecasting and ultimately optimise spend. On our courses you will gain transformational skills, delivered by Kanso experts.  We will provide a comprehensive MMM overview, including theory and practical applications. 

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