Smarter Shopper Marketing
Understand the impact
of shopper marketing
and accurately calculate the effectiveness of each activity.

Our tried and tested methodology isolates the impact of shopper marketing and proves its true value, revealing the performance of each individual activity, as well as the combined impact of activities working together. And, with our expert insight, you’ll have the quality of analysis you need to confidently defend budgets and plan more effective shopper marketing campaigns in the future.

Identify which products respond best
in which stores and the reasons why.

The impact of shopper marketing varies from store-to-store. Based on real-world data from your campaigns, we’ll help you identify which products and which stores are best suited to your activities. And, by analysing the consumer mix, overlaying all of the contributing factors and understanding the true ROI of activities, you’ll be able to improve campaign plans and make more effective use of budgets, focussing your shopper marketing towards stores that have a consumer profile that suits your brand.

Measure the lasting impact of shopper marketing
and calculate the halo effect across the brand portfolio.

Shopper marketing engages consumers and builds brand affinity, influencing sales long after activities have finished. And, despite campaigns focussing on just one or two products, shopper marketing often results in a positive impact across the wider brand portfolio. We consider the impact of each of these factors in order to accurately calculate the true ROI of shopper marketing.

Learn about your star shoppers
and how to encourage an even better response.

Working together, we’ll identify common characteristics of your most engaged consumers and build a detailed understanding of your ideal consumer profile, working this insight into strategies to maximise shopper marketing performance and increase the ROI of your shopper marketing campaigns.

Benchmark shopper marketing performance
and prove the value against advertising and promotions.

We’ll give you the tools to analyse the effectiveness of shopper marketing and enable you to discuss performance in a language that’s compatible with advertising and promotions, making comparison easy and providing you with all the evidence you need to continue to justify your shopper marketing budgets.

We'll give you the tools to analyse the effectiveness of shopper marketing
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